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Quintessential California: 5 Indoor-Outdoor Homes


Balmy and suburban, California is practically founded on the promise of an indoor-outdoor existence. Like Scandinavian cabins or Brooklyn brownstones, the breezy bungalow is the Sunshine State's residential calling card. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

Sliding doors on either side of the living room and along the kitchen open all the way, allowing the breeze from the...
Sweet’s renovation scheme included recreating the couple’s backyard as a natural extension of their living room.
The private master suite opens into a fern garden in the eastern corner of the site.
Architectural designer Sebastian Mariscal and project manager Jeff Svitak created a house in Venice, California, for...
This Carlsbad home has a tertiary space that space is known in traditional Japanese homes as the "engawa.” To sustain a...