Collection by Olivia Martin

Quilts for Modern Bedrooms


From simple geometrics to a riot of patterns, this folkcraft is easily adapted to a modern aesthetic.

Meg Callahan’s Porter pattern quilt was inspired by strip quilting, a traditional technique originally used to speed up...
The pale blue Ada quilt is a perfectly symmetrical pattern thanks to Callahan’s digital printing techniques.
Surprisingly elegant, the Spine quilt references traditional patterns on Navajo blankets.
Bold colors and reversible spots elevate HAY’s Mega Dot quilt to Pop Art.
Funquilts not only makes one-of-a-kind quilts, but they work with developmentally disabled adults to make children’s...
A 100 percent organic option, this reversible brown to blue quilt from notNeutral is not only sustainably made, but...
Although from afar this ivory quilt looks simple, up close, the quilt has detailed neighborhoods like New York City’s...
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