Collection by Luke Hopping

Quiet, Private Gardens


Walled off from the world, these outdoor sanctuaries are perfectly suited for contemplation or reading.

Höweler + Yoon squeezed high-design landscape elements, like a fountain and built-in seating, into a small...
The couple worked with landscape firm Staghorn Design Studio for the plantings on their rooftop terrace, where an Elan...
The wall surrounding Ravi and Esha Chowdhary’s backyard in Bangalore, India, includes bricks made from soil that was...
Once through the street-level entrance, the property's modern garage door comes into view.
Rahman did her own landscaping in the garden outside her house.
Carpenter spends a lot of time outside on his rear deck.
A pair of architects helped a client carve out an oasis of calm amid São Paulo’s bustle.