What was the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration came mostly from the need for something that simply didn't exist. We wanted to create a water filter that functioned extremely well from a user experience standpoint but was also object of high iconic value and beautiful simplicity. Highly desirable yet timeless. We chose materials that were as sustainable as possible, but we also chose glass as a material for the main container to heighten its water quality and superior taste. The final conic filter form represents a metaphor for the filtering and reductionist cleansing process in its most iconic and intuitive way.

What makes Soma Water unique from the other filters currently out there?

We've created an absence of visual clutter and technology and we've combined materials that were unconventional but actually made sense. The biggest difference however is Soma's holistic point of view. Not only does Soma deliver the best water consuming experience, but its sustainable as well as social commitment to respect our resources and to enable people and places in need to have clean drinking water access is what makes Soma Water such a unique and attractive proposition. Drinking water has never felt this good.

Photo credit: Gundolf Pfotenhauer  Q&A with Markus Diebel and Joe Tan of Soma Water by Eujin Rhee