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Puritan Ideas


A collection of ideas that would work in old factory buildings being rehabbed in Detroit.

Via ArchDaily, photo by Anze Cokl.
Factory Renovation in Buenos Aires Fights for Natural Light
A creative office remodel for a local motion graphics studio.
A Design Duo Takes Over A Whole Factory
We can only imagine all the fun these designers must be having at home.
Stephanie Beamer does most of the woodworking in their shop just a few floors up from the studio.
Egg's new showroom. The business is only one year old and their showroom is a very recent addition.
Douglas fir plywood bar table by Niko Spacecraft, flanked by Miura stools by Konstantin Grcic.
The staircase has a floating metal landing that connects to a fir plywood wall.
Floating stairs to the boardroom are framed by over forty porcelain '21' pendants by Bocci.
A Creative Agency with a Modern, Open Workspace
A Vancouver design studio created in collaboration with Battersby Howat Architects.