Collection by Jaime Gillin

Pup Tent!


Last year, the AIA Small Project Award went to what is most likely the smallest house ever to win the award: the Pup Tent by the New York-based firm Slade Architecture. Made from a single four-by-eight foot sheet of water-jet cut plywood, the conical 'pup tent' is, according to Hayes Slade, "a modern, indoor dog lounge." As for its origin, Slade explains: "This piece was an exploration in materials designed and fabricated for the Design Trust for Public Spaces Annual Auction. The auction project requirement was to create a 'nest'—something that could support residence for a creature and would fit in a taxi." Here's a closer look at the coolest dog bed we've seen in a while.

As illustrated here, the bed is crafted from a single sheet of plywood, cut up into many component parts.
The light catches the wooden ridges and makes the interior appear to glow.
Here's a diagram illustrating the bed's passive ventilation process: the hole at the top of the cone lets light into...