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Puerta la Victoria


Puerta La Victoria - Lifestyle Center is located in one of the most important avenues in the city of Querétaro, Mexico and is an integral part of Latitud Victoria mixed-use complex. The purpose of this project is to become an urban extension of Constituyentes Avenue generating a pedestrian street that runs through the commercial area that is open and covered in most of its route.
The requirements of the real estate program were observed throughout the design process and 3 large basements for parking were considered to meet the needed capacity. At the second basement there is a Power Center for commercial services and convenience stores.

On the ground floor, the pedestrian level, two commercial areas in 3 levels were created to have commercial spaces, led by a departmental anchor store and a wide variety of entertainment at the upper level. The concept is round off with a gourmet corridor a contemporary dynamic that offers a full range of choices to enjoy the urban context.

Puerta La Victoria will generate a new public space option in downtown Querétaro. A very attractive alternative: an open street flanked by terraces, restaurants, piazzas, and large garden areas adding to the surrounding character and making the most of the wonderful climate through most of the year. For the rainy season, the winter, and the evening there are some light covers to protect the promenades and still enjoy being outside.

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