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Finished this past fall, Camera Lucida lived up to Tonko's vision of a functional and earnest space for work and...
Located in Los Altos, California, Curt Cline's modern house seeks to respect the neighborhood fabric.
White stained, salt treated blocks of concrete were installed in a symmetrical pattern throughout the backyard area...
The dining room opens up to the new concrete hearth.
The lower level has a natural stone facade while polished concrete defines the upper level.
The small pool at the top of the landing provides the family with a place to cool off.
Cline incorporated a number of green features into the design including a super-insulated envelope, ultra-efficient...
Passionate cooks, the Burtons installed a Mugnaini wood-fired oven in their kitchen and had a custom Grillery...
“Exposing the craft and detail of the materials was a key part of the design,” Flato notes.
The pool juts out perpendicularly from the main house; the land was bulldozed to become level with the concrete pavers.
“We could lift up very easily the walls, the fittings, the shelves, the light fixtures, everything.
The staircase leads to the living area upstairs.
The bathrooms feature the same polished concrete flooring and poured concrete counters found elsewhere in the home.
Casa ai Pozzi makes a bold statement on the mountainous shores of Lake Maggiore.
A spacious deck was created as part of the addition.