Collection by Aaron Britt

Prostheses and Grafts


Though architect Marcio Kogan, principal of the São Paulo-based firm StudioMK 27, has done loads of appealing residences (check out his house for photographer Reinaldo Cóser in the current issue of Dwell), he's recently dipped a toe into furniture design. The series "Prostheses and Grafts" debuted in March, and was actually constructed by laborers working on StudioMK27's various jobsites. Each piece has an ad hoc quality rarely seen in the world of slick, high-design furniture, and you can easily see how it was borne of worksite scraps and a bit of ingenuity. Have a look at the slideshow for a glimpse of the 16 pieces that make up "Prostheses and Grafts."

Another peek at the Abuletada table and the metal pegs that connect the wooden frame to the glass top.
The Abuletada is a dining table with a glass top attached to a humble wooden base.
This little bench gets a healthy dose of ornamentation: a golden strip that sings against its wooden backdrop.
Though it commenced its designed life as a simple wooden receptacle, the Toro umbrella stand has been plated with...
After a hard day's work, this bedside table with a small reading lamp sheds just the right kind of light for a...
A carbon fiber plate joins the two benches that make up the Banco Chamego.
The Luizão XV Bench recalls all the splendor of Louis XV with velvet cushion and golden filigree.
Whether it's your Mackintosh or your hardhat, the metallic pegs on the Vai-te-undo offer a healthy hook.
The aptly-named Mesa Alumiada has a carbon filament light bulb attached to a post that sits above the tabletop.
A better view of the light that keeps the Alumiada Table lit.
In a truly alchemical mixture of high and low, this bench-table is fashioned with golden nails.
The Radiola Table comes replete with that most modern of convenience: an iPod dock.
Though the provenance of the Fulo Table is undeniably the construction site, it's defining detail (that conical beaker...
Here's another view of the Quereres table with the jewelry box seeming to float.
The Trilili Bar-Wagon has industrial castors, a series of cubbies and clearly the makings of what every jobsite needs...
A little glowing clock adorns this rough-hewn table.