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Promo Daily: Stephanie Gonot


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Stephanie Gonot

8 images, one postcard. I love this latest promo from photographer Stephanie Gonot. She chose to go the classic postcard route which worked in her favor. The eight images she used are all unique in their own way. She shows us the classic portrait in black and white and the more conceptual portrait in color. We also get to see a mixture of lifestyle and still life shots. I was drawn to this promo because of the color, pattern, and selection of images. In this case, showing eight images instead of one strong image, was the way to go. Stephanie has so much variety in her work, and I loved that.

Stephanie Gonot's latest photo promo was well designed and eye catching.
The other four images of the eight image promo.
This image with the bold pattern in particular caught my attention.