Promo Daily: Peter Ross


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Peter Ross

THIS PROMO IS INSANE. It's gigantic. It's incredibly beautiful. It's informative. It's all ours. It's also apparently #207 out of 3,000 copies that were made, so it's extra incredible. Peter Ross, from New York City, asked some people (known and unknown) "Which five people would you invite to dinner?" He then lists the answer tastefully in a list beside the portrait. What's so successful about this promo is that the portraits are outstanding, so that the "guest answers" that they tell Peter don't upstage them, if that makes sense. The photos are prominent, just as they should be in any photo, since you're not throwing yourself out there for your graphic design skills. Me? I'm thinking my guests would be Henry Rollins quadruplets and then one Julia Sabot.

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