Promo Daily: Pamela Littky


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Pamela Littky

What do Steve Martin, Jennifer Lawrence, and Courtney Love all have in common? They all have attended a cocktail party in my mailbox. Pamela Littky packaged them up with a side dish of coasters in a pretty little box and mailed them all to me, with some other familiar faces. This deluxe promo package is so tastefully done and has so much love put into it that I know just by looking at her style of photography, she had alot to do with this packaging. You would not believe the effort put into this gift of cocktail sans actual cocktail package of LOVE. There are thirteen promo cards of various celebrities. On the back of the portrait is a recipe of the beverage that most relates to the portrait on the flip side. What drink is associated with Jeff Bridges? White Russian for The Dude, naturally. In addition to the thirteen recipes, she included four coasters with a beautiful gold twine. Pamela, your work is outstanding. I already knew this, but this boozy promo gift just raised you like eight levels in our photo world. Cheers to you, lady!

Open box of the cocktail promo package sent from Los Angeles based photographer Pamela Littky.
Promo card sample portraits sent in the package from Littky.
Grid of four celebrity portraits from Littky including Courtney Love, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Lawrence and Mat Kearney.
Four samples of the recipes included in the promo package: "The Martin," aka Old-Fashioned for Steve Martin; The...
Custom drink coasters included in the promo package from Littky.