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Promo Daily: Molly Cranna


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Molly Cranna

Los Angeles and New York City-based photographer Molly Cranna put a great photo promo together. The promo was made up of two postcards that showed us both still life and portrait work. I noticed the image with the pickle immediately. A green pickle, on a clean white plate, sitting on a pink background—fabulous! I love that something so simple works so well. I also love that Molly chose to use pink as her background. She clearly understands color and knew that the combination of pink and green would be playful and eye catching. She also demonstrated this in the image of the green artichoke on the blue background. Another fun choice. The second postcard focused on portaits. The three portraits were interesting and lit fabulously. This little taste of Molly's work left me wanting to see more and I did not hesitate to go right to her website. A succesful promo indeed!

The first postcard gives us a taste of Molly's still life photography.
The second postcard shows us three portraits.
The pink background in this image was a wonderful choice.

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