Promo Daily: Meredith Jenks


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Meredith Jenks

Meredith Jenks is a lovely and talented street-style/fashion/portrait photographer based in Brooklyn. This promo struck me with it's immediate and in-your-face capture of this girl laughing. Or, coughing or embarrassment. I can assume that it's a fashion shoot since the clothes and shoes are the focal point. I also want to assume that she came across those fantastic yellow chairs on set and lucked out in how well they work with this set-up; the chairs are bolted into the cement, so she didn't move them perfectly together for this shot; the model's hair is mid-flight so Meredith is fast on the draw. I loved this promo so much and that it was selected as the ONE image to represent her work.

Meredith Jenks' latest promo card from Brooklyn.
The back of Meredith Jenks' latest promo card from Brooklyn.

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