Promo Daily: Mattia Balsamini


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Mattia Balsamini

Bonjourno Mattia Balsamini! We just recieved your very, very beautiful photo promo over here in San Francisco. First of all, you put extra care into choosing your stamps for the envelope. All the way from Pordenone, Italy. TEN Italian vineyard stamps, all for me. This whole package is put together with such great care and love. There is a personal letter to me, a giant folded newsprint promo, and then a separate envelope with eight individual promo cards inside. Each promo card is a photograph and on the backside there is detail about that photo, including who commissioned her for it. Molto bella, Mattia!!

Grid of all the promo cards included in the separate envelope.
Julia Sabot holding the giant newsprint promo from Mattia Balsamini.
The flip side of the giant folded promo, Mattia's letter and the promo card packet.
The envelope with ten vineyard stamps from Italy.
Portrait of Jacopo Pantaleoni, a NVIDIA programmer in Italy.
Back of the Jacopo portrait card with information about the shoot.