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Promo Daily: Jessica Antola


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Jessica Antola

Not only was this an amazing promo, but it was a work of art. Photographer Jessica Antola spent a month photographing in Ethiopia and created this 16 page "newspaper" after she returned, showcasing her favorite and strongest images. These images are truly stunning. Everything from the colors to the expressions she caught on peoples' faces—this is a great example of a promo that is fully engaging. There was a brief statement at the beginning of the paper, and the rest was imagery. The images were printed large, just how they are deserve to be seen. The experienece of looking through this series was lovely, each photo offering something new. I felt like I was being taken on a trip to Ethiopia through the eyes of Jessica.

Beautiful Photo Promo by Jessica...
The opening spread to Jessica's promo which includes a brief introduction to the series.
Hamar man at the Bull Jumping Ceremony.
On the left "Entering the Omo Valley". On the right "Mursi mother with protection".
On the left "Elephant head hut". On the right "Karayu Omo men near the Awash river".
The back of the paper is where Jessica included her contact information.
The stunning cover.