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Promo Daily: Emily Shur


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Emily Shur

When I catch a glimpse of fluorescent orange in my mailbox, I assume it is a photo promo from Emily Shur! Her logo is always a magnificent color and catches my eye immediately. Having a recognizable logo with a consistant color choice is definitely a good thing. In this promo, Emily highlights some of her portrait and fashion work. The style of the promo is simple and pleasing to the eye. It folds into a small poster giving us both smaller images and one large image. The large image is of a woman in a sparkly red dress holding an adorable pup. The image is striking and was the perfect choice for the full spread. This colorful promo was strong and a great representation of Emily's work.

Photo promo by Emily Shur.
The backside of Emily Shur's photo promo.
Emily Shur's photo Promo folds easily.
Shur's photo promo folded in half.
Emily Shur's logo is printed in a wonderful and eye catching orange/pink color.

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