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Promo Daily: Emilie Giboin


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Emilie Giboin

We are lovers of photo books here at Dwell's photo department. Emilie Giboin rocked it with her latest photo book promo. The clever and creative packaging caught our attention right away. I loved unfolding the thick paper stock not knowing what was inside. Her choice of using all white for the packaging and the cover of the book was also a nice touch, especially because the images inside are so colorful. The book was simple which allowed the images to really shine. Emilie showed us her strength in interior, detail, and landscape shots. She chose her images wisely, and they were printed on beautiful thick paper. The experience of flipping through this promo book was a real pleasure.

Emilie Giboin's latest promo came folded in heavy white paper stock.
Opening image in the photo promo book by Emilie Giboin.
These two images, an interior shot and a detail shot, compliment each other well.
The image choice for the middle spread was fantastic and eye catching.
Another inside spread of Emilie Giboin's photo book promo.

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