Collection by Marianne Colahan

Products to Help You Be More Productive


While you embark on your New Year's resolutions this month, make sure organizing your interior spaces is one of them. Often cluttered, the home office is the perfect place for a New Year’s cleanup. The Dwell Store’s collection of workplace essentials includes minimalist storage containers, colorful notebooks, innovative calendars, and much more, to help you get your desktop in ideal working condition for 2015.

The Nest Caddy is a versatile storage solution that is perfect for reorganizing in the New Year.
With its simple profile, the Cup Lamp is an unexpected multitasker.
This set of three pens from Korean design brand CLIP PEN has an innovative detail—the pens can be clipped onto a...
With its Wire Trash Bin, Menu takes a necessary accessory and recasts it as a distinctive accent.
Public Supply’s Dot Paper Notebook is designed with simplicity in mind.
Crafted from reclaimed olde growth pine salvaged from antique floor joints from Philadelphia houses built in the 1800s,...
While you might be focused on de-cluttering, adding a desktop accent like Tipsy is a great idea.
Get your books off of your desk and showcase them as floating works of art with the Conceal Shelf from designer Miron...