Collection by Eujin Rhee

Product Spotlight: Wooden Toys by Twig Creative


For the budding photographer not yet familiar with apertures, shutters, and ISO speeds, look no further than these wooden toy cameras designed and handcrafted by Twig Creative. The Salt Lake City, Utah-based toymakers (and furniture makers!) craft each camera using sustainable materials—perfect for entertaining the little ones, while also protecting our ecosystem. Click here for even more kid-friendly designs for the mini modernists and be sure to check out Dwell's Pinterest board dedicated to all things design for kids!

Inspired by the photo sharing app Instagram, the nostalgic Anagram Wooden Camera, $35, sports the same striped colors...
Protect your precious Leicas and Hasselblads from those curious hands with the classic Wooden Camera, $30.
The Wooden Camera in black.
Exactly the same as the classic wooden camera, but with an added bonus!—a nifty cork bottom.
A toy that promotes analog learning and creativity in a digital world without technology? Meet the anaPad 2, $40-70—a...
Endless possibilities!