Collection by Ivane Soyombo

Product Designs by Danish Company Essey


In the design world, products often only bear a slight resemblance to their function, if at all. Danish company Essey was founded around the concept of using symbolism to promote a given function or the inner nature of an object. From crumpled wastebaskets to horn-shaped coat hooks, there's no need to guess the intended use of these products.

With crumpled surfaces visually communicating the content inside, Wipy ll is perfect for any room––especially the...
The Ferdinand coat hook is a functional double coat hook, of which the design is based on the story of Ferdinand the...
Rather than a thorn in your side this cactus is an elegant container with a secret.
Small in size but big on function Pen Pen is a practical and fun addition to any workspace.
Designed by Tarmo Likki in 1989, Fly Fly is made from sustaainbly harvested finnish birch and high quality leather.
Like its counterparts Wipy and Pen Pen, Bin Bin's crumpled exterior is meant to indicate the waste basket's function.