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Product design perfected

The Modify Furniture "Peri Shelf" in progress.
Post-n-paper desk accessory.
Eny Lee Parker, Savannah College of Art & Design Inspired by the geometric compositions of artist Kazimir...
Airstream: Re-designing an American icon
Mobile + Home: what is so fascinating about the juxtaposition of these two seemingly irreconcilable...
Designed by Philip Wong, the Flow is meant to pare the radio down to its most basic elements and enable the user to...
Our newest addition to the home decor collection, the Modify Furniture Candlestick set offer a beautiful view of the...
Hexagonal Moss Garden by Modify Furniture made with sustainable bamboo, hand polished with oil-wax for water...
Simple geometric shapes highlight the natural beauty in these home accent pieces by Modify Furniture...
clean and simple bathroom deco.
Aura LightsA pared down pendant lamp that comes in a brass or copper base and a 10-or 15-inch brass ring.
Frame light in Mint by Iacoli and McAllister.
Eclipse lamp by Alessio Bassan and Silvano Pierdonà for Capo d’Opera.
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