Collection by Zachary Edelson

Private Rooftop Sanctuaries


Whether it's a unique solution for city living or just to better experience the landscape and sky, these elevated outdoor spaces create a connection to nature that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Joe Day and Nina Hachigian relax on their terrace overlooking the hills in Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.
A rainwater catching system irrigates the rooftop garden, which also has a dining area and grill.
The designer added a 500-square-foot third floor—hidden from the street—with a small, bluestone roof deck, to create a...
Imai House by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates Incorporating outdoor areas, such as the ground floor terrace, and...
The top floor holds two offices—one for the husband, the other for the wife.
The roof became the perfect location for their vegetable garden, as well as benches and a recreation space crowned by a...
The living room also opens onto a private terrace, concealed within the entrance’s cantilevered form.
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