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When a Manhattan family approached Frame Design Lab to create a more private master bedroom, they imagined the firm...
"In the kitchen, we changed the layout," Davison says. "It was a galley kitchen, extending lengthways into the room.
A dining area occupies a space between the living room and media room.
The renovated apartment has a brighter, more open feel than it did previously.
The couple retained the strongest architectural aspects of the house, such as the existing arch in the hall, and did...
As much as the owners and Roberts wanted – and needed – to modernize the home, they also tried to honor some of its...
In the main bathroom, Art Deco crown molding reminds residents of the house’s past.
Photo by Francis Dzikowski/ESTO.
“The older the building, the more you can adhere to older codes, which gives you more liberty,” says Gil, who heads the...
The ornate facade of the Art Nouveau building carries over into the entrance.
The Torroja pendant light by David Weeks hangs in the dining area, standing in sharp relief to the home’s original...
The former workman’s cottage had undergone dated renovations.
Four bedrooms make up the private areas of the home, which all benefit from natural light and a complementary airy...
An ample sill made of English elm was built into two front windows to create a gathering spot that is visually...
The living room as it appeared before the renovation.
Reclaimed oak with a custom finish by LV Wood surrounds a staircase in a herringbone pattern.
“We wanted as much built-in storage as we could fit in order to maximize the space and not have furniture getting in...
The bedroom is tucked in the back of the residence and doesn’t receive a lot of natural light.
In the downstairs den, the mirrors facets of a West Elm side table refract the linearity of the moulding and hardwood...
The Webster House is located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.
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