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Preview: The Designer is In 2011


If you're looking to work with an interior designer or have ever wondered what that experience would be like, join Remodelista and Curated at Dwell on Design for the second annual The Designer is In free interior design consultations. Organized by Delta Wright of Curated, The Designer is In takes place June 25-26 on the Dwell on Design show floor and features designer-client appointments aimed at providing advice to residents in need and sharing the dynamic exchange of working with a designer with all conference attendees. We spoke with Wright about last year's most common inquiries and what to expect this year—and asked her to share a design tip here as well.

What's the goal of the Designer is In sessions?I want people to see the dynamic exchange between designers and clients and have that be a fun, shared experience. People don't know it can be comfortable working with a designer; in the past it has been intimidating and thought of as only something for higher-level types of projects. I always say, though, that the smaller the budget, the more you need us because you can't afford to make a mistake. The goal is to show people that designers are accessible to everyone.Individuals can sign up online to request a design consultation but can others without projects or specific appointment times get involved too?Yes, the whole goal is to get clients and designers talking together. Last year I brought folding chairs so people could sit in and listen to a consolation; sometimes they even became larger discussions. Some designers who were having a great time and wanted to go longer with a client would move to a bigger table and answer everyone's questions. It's a great opportunity for people to see that design is accessible and dynamic. Come sit down and listen and ask a few questions while you're there.Who are the designers involved this year?We haven't revealed the full list yet but I'll, of course, be there as well as Kristi Nelson of KMNelson Design, Amanda Malson of Domicile Interior Design, Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey, Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design Interiors, and Michael Murphy of Michael Murphy Design. First and foremost they all know what they're doing, have solid educations, and have good design backgrounds. Sitting down with a stranger and giving a quality consultation requires experience. Then, of course, they need to be able to service a gamut of clients. I match clients with designers so it's important to get to know the aesthetics of the designers and pair clients up with the right designers, say, if they're interested in green design or decorating or something else.What were the most common questions you received at last year's The Designer is In sessions? Space planning and color consolation. It's always about space planning but also color because people aren't confident in that area. They want to know where to put color, how to use it, and even what color to pick.What design advice can you give readers who can't make it to one of the sessions this year?Always start with a masterplan rather than jumping into something. Take the time to figure out and give yourself space to really nail down the scope of what you need to do and what you want to do. A lot of clients don't feel as though they have the immediate funds for a big project but still, start with the masterplan and then execute it over three or four years—just start with the closet if that's all you can do right now. By having a masterplan, you won't be left shortsighted and you can be confident about your decisions.

The exterior of the Beverly Hills Canyon Residence by Curated. Photographed by Joshua McHugh.
Curated founder Delta Wright.

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