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Preview: New from Wallter


At Dwell on Design last year, Richmond, California-based design company Wallter made a splash with its powder-coated products and the debut of its new planter. Owners and designers Max and Linda Geiser are back again this year with a brand-new, larger planter (simply called the planter Pot). We chatted with Max about what they've been up to since last year's show, how they designed the new planter, and what they're most looking forward to at Dwell on Design and the Los Angeles Design Festival.

What's new with Wallter since Dwell on Design last year?We did really well with the planter we debuted at the show last year, and this year we are debuting a larger planter. People have been asking for larger versions and table versions. Instead of just making the existing planter bigger, we created a new design. Our signature is the planter on a post so it does that and hangs from the ceiling, but it also sits on a table. It's bigger and more versatile. We're excited about it. Will you be selling your goods at the show? We'll be taking preorders for the brand-new, larger planters, but we'll have lots of the regular planters, coat racks, mobiles, and wall decor in stock for cash and carry—plus we'll be doing a discount for buying at the show.What trends in product design have you seen in the last year?More companies are coming out with more outdoor stuff, as people increasingly move outside. What we're trying to avoid is taking too much away much from the plant; a lot of people are designing planters that are outrageous and so unusual-looking that that is all you see—the planter and not the plant. Our concept is to not overdo the design, make sure we're not taking away from the plant, and make it easy for the customer to pick out a plant for the planter. The design should enhance the plant.What are you most excited for at Dwell on Design and the Los Angeles Design Festival?We're going to try to make it to Adam Silverman's show opening at Heath Ceramics. We're total fans of his and Heath's; they inspire us to keep going and doing stuff well. Once we're down there we'll see what else we want to do.

Wallter will introduce this new planter Pot at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles June 24-26, 2011.
Wallter's powder-coated spun-aluminum planters are available at a discount on the show floor of Dwell on Design.
The owners of Wallter, husband-wife team Max and Linda Geiser.