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Preview: Asia Now


Each year at Dwell on Design we trust the animal-like instincts of designboom to seek out and deliver the best contemporary design from around the planet. This year is no different: designboom will present Asia Now: Exploring Design Culture, a survey of cutting-edge designers hand-selected from 11 countries throughout Asia. Here's a preview of some of the Far East treats you'll see on display at Dwell on Design, June 25-27 in Los Angeles. Register now at dwellondesign.com.

'Cellulose Bookshelf' by Paphop Wongpanich, Thailand
'Close' by Ratchasit Tudsri + Phithak Khotdok + Ratchasit Tudsri + Lersak Tharatum, Thailand
'Handbag' by Jesika Karina Tirtanimala from Indonesia
'Poetic Plastic' by Zhuo Wang, China
'Real Moss Table' by Ayodhya from Thailand
'Avo' fruit holder by Pinpach Piyatiratitivorakul, Thailand
'Afro Brush' by Gumption Design (Tong Parinya Pipatporn), Thailand; 'Venice Fly Swatter' by Monica Tsang, China
'Mushrooms ate my Furniture' by Shinwei Rhoda Yen
'Smile Stool' by Studio Hindia from Indonesia
'Flying Motif' by Habibeh Madjdabadi, Iran
'Symbiosis' wood speakers by Stanley Ruiz from the Philippines
'Coconut Fibre Furniture' by Cilicon Faytory from Singapore
'Positivenegative=Negativepositive' by Baek-Ki Kim, Korea
'Lacquer Stools' by Joseph Foo from Malaysia
'Umbrella Pot' by Kyouei Design (Kouichi Okamoto), Japan; 'Green is Protective Umbrella of Human' by Jingfu Wei, China
'Leaf-shaped Spoon' by Shuhei Senda from Japan; 'Leaf-it' by Appree (Sangwoo Nam and Jonghwan Kim), Korea; 'Light…
'Obsession' by Kwangho Lee, Korea
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