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Presidio Heights Remodel


We did this remodel for some great clients who had just relocated to San Francisco from NYC. Their new flat was in a great neighborhood, had great views, light and general layout, but portions of it were just not working for the owners. They wanted to retain the sense of having separate rooms, but open things up to allow just the right amount of connection. The connection between the kitchen and dining room was carefully considered, being as open as possible, while still maintaining some sense that they were separate rooms. And that they could eat without being able to see any of the cooking aftermath. It had a great attic playroom for their kids, but it was only accessible by a steep, narrow service stair. They wanted more connection with their kids when they were using the space. We had a lot of fun applying some of the new LED lighting technology.

Book shelf at end of kitchen island. Built in bench seating.
Open riser stair with wood treads floating on raw, blackened steel...
Open riser stair with wood treads floating on raw, blackened steel...
Cable rail stair landing open to kitchen...
Kitchen with linear LED strip lighting.
Kitchen open to dining room. Wood veneer and white matte lacquer custom cabinets.
Custom wood veneer and white lacquer book shelf built around window.

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