Collection by Heather Corcoran

Pratt MID Thesis Presentation Celebrates Industrial Design's Next Wave


Pratt Institute sends off its 2015 Masters of Industrial Design class with the thesis presentation Fake ID, a show that extends beyond the traditional definition of industrial design. Check out seven highlights here.

Aldana Ferrer Garcia's More Sky serves as both an object and architecture, offering increased access to sunlight and...
Desiree Guedez's Do Not Touch is a series of three-dimensional materials created from natural elements that transform...
Keith Holser's series One Moment Please... investigates the impermanence of objects as a way to raise awareness of the...
Keith Kirkland's Movement uses wearable tech to explore motion and the ways design can improve safety and learning.
A collaboration between Lauren Currier, Nadine Foik, and Pachara Kangchirdsri, Ageless uses an inflatable floor system,...
Meg Czaja's Subtle Play series of furniture injects childlike wonder into everyday forms, as in the Oblio stool.
With Sensible Geometry, Sebastian Jacobo creates new forms to express information beyond two dimensions, resulting in a...
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