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Pop!Tech Conference


Pop!Tech is a big-ideas conference in a small Maine town that brings together leaders and innovators from science, tech, education, and entertainment for a three-day conversation among 600 people. This year's central theme was "Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, and Improbable Breakthroughs."

Pop!Tech is held at the height of fall each year at the Camden Opera House in midcoast Maine, but the conference spills...
David de Rothschild (yes, those Rothschilds) is an eco-adventurer and activist.
Graham Hill, founder of the blog Treehugger, took the stage to announce a competition to re-design a 420-foot-square...
As a graphic designer, Orlagh O'Brien has to know how other people feel, which led her to a more specific question:...
Simply put, Ryan Smith turns poop into plastic.
Another Social Innovation Fellow, Brook Betts Farwell is the co-founder of RecycleMatch, an online company that's...
Tom Darden of Make It Right New Orleans, the non-profit founded by Brad Pitt to build new, affordable, and...
If you couldn't guess from his wooden clogs, Pieter Hoff is from Holland, a country built on green energy and...
Among other things, sound artist Stephen Vitiello shared images and audio from his residency in the Twin Towers.
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