Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Plow Restaurant: Local Dishes, Design


In San Francisco, local food rules. Before seasoned chefs Joel Bleskacek and Maxine Siu opened the doors of their new Potrero Hill restaurant Plow last month, they did more than just source ingredients from nearby farms: They also hired design and construction help all within the 94107 zip code.

During a long hiatus from the restaurant business, Bleskacek opened Ruby Wine and Siu founded Stem and Bell and Trunk.
With their home down the street and Ruby Wine down the block, the location was perfect for their planned...
The design was a collaboration between Bleskacek, Siu, architect Darren McMurtrie, and the couple's contractors.
With a local sensibility in mind, Bleskacek and Siu struck out to create the space with craftsmen from within their...
Doolittle used the reclaimed wood from the wine barrels to create custom shelves for the restaurant as well.
For the counter, Bleskacek and Siu collaborated with Mark Hamilton, co-founder of Hamilton and Schwarzhoff.
At the end of the dining room, an image by Kelli Yon hangs above the counter.
The food reflects the rural, laid-back atmosphere Bleskacek and Siu attempt to imbue.
Bleskacek and Siu don't plan on opening the restaurant for dinner: "We have two young children and don't want them to...
The sign outside was fabricated by Iron Maverick's Ron Lester and evokes the setting inside.