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Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong


Beauty has always been ideal for many human societies throughout history. People have always wanted to look beautiful and to get across as attractive. To answer this of theirs, people devised a variety of methods. Among the most common was makeup. The ancient Egyptians, in fact, had elaborate makeup for women. Societies also have dresses, jewelry, and hairstylists to make women strikingly beautiful. And although people think that only women worry excessively about beauty and looks, the truth is that even men worry about how they look.

People's desire to be beautiful has lasted through the centuries. As the times have changed, so have notions of beauty and so have the ways by which people have attempted to become beautiful. Recently, with the progress of medical technology and capabilities, plastic surgeries have become increasingly common. There are some ways by which people have plastic surgery done on them. Some may have the chemical Botox injected into their face to prevent wrinkles. Others may choose to have excess fat removed from their face and body. Some people have their nose reshaped.

There are many ways people try to increase their beauty. Many times, however, the results are disastrous with plastic-surgery-gone-wrong/. For example, some people may react allergically to Botox. The allergic reaction can lead to problems like skin discoloration, rashes, or even more saggy skin later on. Other times, Botox may result from skin that is extremely puffy. Or, someone who has a nose job done to reshape his nose may have a little too much skin removed, or the nose cut the wrong way.

Some people also choose to have lip injections to plump up their lips; this may result in lips that overly plump, creating a very unnatural look. Plastic surgery may also go wrong when laser surgery fails. Laser surgery involves shooting laser on an individual's body to kill off the hair. Sometimes, the laser can burn a person's skin, leaving it dark.

These are just any of how plastic surgery can go wrong. But when plastic surgery does wrong, the ramifications are not just physical--they can be psychological or emotional too. People get plastic surgery to look better and--likely--be more accepted by others. But when plastic surgeries go wrong, people can look worse than they did before the surgery. (Indeed, anyone who types in "plastic surgeries gone wrong" into a search engine will come across pictures of horrible plastic surgeries.) And as a result of looking worse, people's self-esteem can suffer, and others can less accept them.