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Plastic Fantastic


Container is a design studio based in Australia and Shanghai. Since 2012, the firm has been creating bespoke 2D and 3D packaging design and identity for various beauty and haircare companies.

Australian luxury skin care company Körner tapped the design team to create custom packaging for its bottles.
Way to make a first impression.
For Kevin Murphy's Young.Again, the designers cut the corners of the eggplant bottle to give the form a jewel-like...
Wipe on, wipe off! Initially planted by the idea of temporarily colouring the hair of models during fashion shoots,...
Container was commissioned by Original & Mineral to come up with a new identity and packaging.
These slab-sided hair care bottles created for Kevin Murphy were one of the firm's very first designs.
A trio of bottles all stacked up.
Futuristic travel-sized hair care products, anyone? Each 100ml bottle comes with a 'lenticular' 3D label enabling four...
Inspired by the soap dish, Container designed this 'tub' of a container to hold a few of Kevin Murphy's styling...
Its base and lid are connected by a 'living...
Körner commissioned Container to develop an identity and packaging that both reflected the heritage and granddaughter...
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