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Pinterest Inspiration


Dying to see the digital content that inspires the editors, photographers, and designers of Dwell? Then look no further! From graphic design to food to fashion, Pinterest boards provide an exclusive window into the creative and cultural aspects of Dwell's modern perspective. We've put together 10 of our most inspiring and rapidly-growing boards to give you a sneak peek. Join us today, and we may "repin" you!

Many experts and enthusiasts alike would argue that chairs are the building block of modern design.
A splash of color can provide life to an otherwise dull space and a whole lot of color can transform just about...
The modern pool allows architects to bring the aesthetics of modern design and water together in harmony.
Though not always apparent, there is an inherent connection between modern art and modern home design.
Our Friday Finds board is perhaps the most pertinent if you're looking for what directly inspires the Dwell staff.
These homes are the standard in residential modern architecture.
Typography is an oft-forgotten but effective tool in facilitating creativity and inspiration.
Unlike previous slides, the Kitchen & Dining board is a growing compilation of examples from Dwell's past.
On certain occasions, inspiration means getting as far away from home as possible.
Last, but certainly not least, Dwell's Small Spaces Pinterest board contains some of the most innovative methods in...

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