Collection by Megan Hamaker

Pins for a Modern Halloween


Halloween doesn't have to be all kitschy witches on brooms and fake cobwebs—it can be a modern and tasteful affair. Here, we've gathered ten inspirational pins showing ways to celebrate the holiday with style and sophistication while still having fun!

Here is a great collage of decor and typography with a nice minimal feel.
Here is some nice clean typography design for a modern Halloween.
Invite friends and family to your modern Halloween soiree with a classy and well designed invitation.
Here's a simple and tasteful way to decorate for Halloween if you have stairs in your home.
Here's a beautiful table display with mid century flare.
No need for plastic skulls and spiders.
Here is an easy and effectively eerie idea for pumpkin decorating.
You don't have to have go over the top with a plastic cauldron and dry ice to serve beverages at your Halloween party.
The fancy banners are the real hero in this tasty treat idea even if the frosting may turn party-goers mouths a festive...
Here is a whimsical and simple Halloween decor idea that fits perfectly with the current vintage trend.