Collection by Alexander George

Piles of Fallen Leaves Got You Down? This Leaf Blower Will Change All That


While effective, leaf blowers generally and deservedly draw ire from neighbors for being loud and polluting. The EPA has cracked down on emissions and noise laws, so new blowers are built with effective mufflers and there are now electric models available. For efficient yard-clearing, however, a high-powered gas blower like the Jet by Troy-Bilt is ideal.

The Jet moves 650 cubic-feet per minute of air, which comes out at up to 130 miles per hour.
The engine in the Jet is “two-cycle” or two-stroke, which means it combines intake and exhaust during the same...
A single ergonomic rake, though tedious in practice, will usually suffice for most urban or small land plots, so it's...

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