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"Over 75 dimmers were deployed to control an array of incandescent, low voltage and LED fixtures," states the firm.
Each season makes for its own experience.
Guests can buy fresh cheese, milk, and eggs from the neighbors.
The room can easily adapt to become a study, lounge, or entertainment space.
Upstairs, a wooden slatted wall doubles as a bookshelf.
The main floor holds a spacious living area with a fold-out sofa, reading materials, a flat screen TV, and children's...
The kitchen and dining room enjoy panoramic mountain views.
The loggia-inspired balcony, a fixture of the region's architecture, protects guests from harsh winds.
Armin and Alexander Pedevilla took design inspiration from the traditional farmhouses of the region.
Magic Stone coffee table, steel legs and mosaic top with brass, by...
Solid white oak flooring is installed throughout. The home's windows and doors are by Andersen Windows.
Atop the carport is a Hopper table and shade by Extremis.
The house features one master bedroom upstairs, two guest bedrooms, and two separate guest apartments downstairs that...
Only a partial covering remains over the patio off the living and dining rooms.
A stepped concrete garden planted with herbs and flowers marks the descent to the house.
Neighbors can tell the Holm-Kiehls are at home when their boat is tied at the dock and their Japanese koi kite flies...
Founding principal Mark D. Stumer describes the work of their firm as “modernism with...
A tall and narrow window separates the new brickwork from the historic building, making its lines and profile clearly...