Collection by Julia Sabot

Photographers We Love: Mark Mahaney


A name that may be familiar to you after reading many issues of Dwell: Mark Mahaney. Based in Brooklyn, New York with his wonderful family, Mark is an extremely talented photographer who has shot over a dozen stories for us and is always excited to take on a Dwell assignment. His work is beautiful and honest and photographs a house like he is capturing a portrait of a person. Check out more stories Mark has shot for Dwell here.

A portrait of Harold Bloom.
The lobby of the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.
A mother and her fawns in Waterton Lake, Canada.
Alexander Williams, Charles Brill and Theo Richardson of Rich Brilliant Willing in their Manhattan studio.
A bedroom with a view of Manhattan in the Wythe Hotel.
A hidden one way sign in Fort Hancock, New Jersey.
A vintage telephone in the Wythe Hotel.
Stephen Malkmus looking out the window.
Bob Staake studio in Chatham, Massachusetts.