Photographer Eirik Johnson's Barrow Cabins


In the summer of 2010, photographer Eirik Johnson adventured to the most northern stretch of the United States to capture several hunting cabins in Barrow, Alaska. He returned in winter 2012 during the frigid Arctic Winter Solstice to photograph the same cabins at the precise angle and position, as he did that one summer. With only a brief four hour window of dusk-like light during this recent winter trip, he still managed to succeed in a complete visual contrast, especially when the images are viewed side by side. The structures are used by native Iñupiat families who travel from Barrow to hunt for waterfowl in the summer and seals in the winter. "The cabins are situated along the shores of the Chukchi Sea, part of the larger Arctic Ocean. Each structure has been fashioned out of whatever makeshift materials are on hand, from weathered plywood to old shipping pallets collected from the nearby-decommissioned Navy Base. Seen together, both the summer and winter series are a meditation on the passage of time and seasonal shift along the extreme horizon of the Arctic."

Native Iñupiat inhabitant's hunting cabins in Barrow, Alaska photographed by Eirik Johnson. These photos are part of Eirik's solo exhibition at the Rena Bransten Gallery from May 9 through all of June in San Francisco, CA.

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