Collection by Diana Budds

Photo of the Week: Dramatic Wall Covered in Strips of Wood


Terunobu Fujimori’s Storkhouse in Raiding, Austria, gets the spotlight in Taschen’s recently published tome Cabins. Click through the slideshow to see more of Fujimori's bold work.

See more stunning shots from the book here.

The Japanese architect is known for cladding exteriors with charred cedar, but in this vacation retreat he adorns the...
Terunobu Fujimori's Charred Cedar House, completed in 2007.
Fujimori designed his own residence, the Tanpopo House, in 1995, with volcanic rock siding and grass and dandelions on...
In Fujimori’s most recent project, Coal House, a tearoom protrudes from the second story, accessible from the exterior...
Architecture and nature combine in many of Fujimori's projects: the Lamune Hot Spring House appears to be built around...

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