Collection by Sara Ost

Pets in the Modern World


It is common knowledge that fully half the internet is comprised of pictures of cats; the other half, of cat videos. At Dwell, we love all pets—cats, dogs, chickens and the coops they call home—and here, we share pictures of a few of our furry, fluffy, and feathered friends (who have decidedly good taste in design, we might add). To see them all, follow our Pinterest board devoted to Pet Architecture and Design!

Honey catches up on the latest issue of Dwell.
We need to talk. It's about the pea again.
Bath time is always better with a buddy.
Marimo—living moss balls—are popular pets in Japan. Chia what? Chia who? Chia please.
Ergonomically in the dog house.
Since installing their living roof, Chirp and Birdie have cut their home energy costs by a third.