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These residences give the traditional pitched roof a modern update.

Sky-high ceilings are created by a sculptural pitched roof.
“I wanted to plant a green roof for its thermal mass, but I wanted it to be as natural as possible,” Liang says.
A 260-square-foot solar array was installed atop a triangular section of the roof, which faces due south and is angled...
Using technology to design a home as energy-efficient as possible was a priority for Hague, both from a financial and...
Lean Machine-Architect Jesper Brask waited three years studying the site of his future vacation home before building,...
A green roof blooms atop the detached garage.
Healy Guest House (Cocoon...
Given Langka's directive that "the people who live around us have to see our roof and I don't want them to see anything...
The contrast between the barn’s original exterior structure and the new architectural elements is a large part of the...
The roofs of each of the three sections of the home are constructed of zinc and are insulated for added protection.
The winglike dips in the roofline situate and hold the house against the region’s brutal winds.
The lattice shell was hewn from silver fir sourced from a nearby forest.
The newly built house, just feet from the water’s edge, occupies the space where a decaying farmhouse once stood.
In the top floor study area, a pair of Copenhague Desks by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for HAY are stationed below a Sax...
Davor and August check out the yard from the living room.
A rear deck is nestled behind the central cabin, flanked by the sleeping quarters.
Helsinki architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth collaborated on a prefab shed-meets-sleeping-cabin, which can...
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