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Peek Behind the Scenes of Luxury Lighting Manufacturer Boyd Lighting

This office was designed for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase.
Each piece of metal is hand polished by a skilled craftsperson in the Boyd Lighting factory in Colorado Springs.
A highly skilled craftsman creates seamless welding on the Circolo Sconce; this superior quality is what Boyd Lighting...
A skilled craftsperson strings semi-precious stones, crystals and Venetian glass beads on the Lavaliere Luminaire.
A talented craftsperson antiques by hand a brass light fixture part.
Can you spot the photographer's reflection in the Duchess...
Photographing a light fixture can be complicated, often requiring many different pieces of equipment.
New for summer 2016, Boyd Lighting launches 12 new powder coat colors available on a variety of fixtures.
It's an exciting moment when a new fixture is assembled for the first time and turned on.
A new fixture gets ready for its close up.
65 hexagonal plates make up each Solas Table Lamp which are assembled by hand in Colorado Springs.
These are the back plates for the Duchess Sconce, a Boyd Lighting fixture that can be seen in Victoria's Secret...
These sheets of brass will be cut using the skills of Boyd Lighting craftspeople in Colorado Springs.
Since 1921, Boyd Lighting has been using talented craftspeople to manufacturer its luxury light fixtures.
Remnant metal shavings are collected and recycled.
These brass fins await assembly by hand on the Proteus Pendant.
The copper fins of the Imperial 10-Fin series have superior quality that results in long-lasting light fixtures.
Six Prosecco Sconces await gold leafing by the talented craftspeople of Boyd Lighting.
65 hexagonal plates for the Solas Table Lamp are assembled by hand in Colorado Springs.
Photographer David Van Zet prepares the Boyd Lighting's new T-Light Pendant for its closeup.