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Paul Vonberg Architects


Docklands Apartment: Guest Bathroom, Kitchen, Travel Planning Room & Conversation Room

A Guest Bathroom without bath or shower (the owner never has guests to stay).
A tiny (but amazingly well appointed) Kitchen, the client rarely cooks.
One might consider the central circularity of the Conversation Room in the context of the Pantheon, The British Museum...
Both ends of the apartment have raised floors to bring the owner closer to the windows and the views beyond.
The 'Travel Planning Room' is essentially a room in which a man may engage with the world, but in private, where he may...
The presence of unattainable 'spacial loops' reminds the client, in the manner of memento mori, that his wealth cannot...
Paul Vonberg Architects transforms London Dockside apartment.
The Conversation Room: The circular Conversation Room is the focus of the whole place and this is borne out by the...
The extensive CD library is accompanied by a curved step which is ostensibly required to support the boiler room door...

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