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Parklife: 10 Homes Next Door to Lovely Parks


Living beside a park enhances more than property value. It exposes residents daily to a much needed dose of the outdoors. From nature preserves to a certain elevated park in New York, these are ten dwellings near pristine parklands.

Nave recalls potential buyers remarking on how most homes for sale in Ocean Springs are either historic homes—often...
Geraldine and Kit Laybourne’s apartment is inside architect Neil Denari’s HL23 building in the Chelsea arts district of...
The Blue Sky prototype house leads a second life as desert getaway for David McAdam and his partner Scott Smith.
Up on the ninth floor, their sober Neo sofa and chaise from DWR and classic Florence Knoll credenza are contrasted by...
A suspended fireplace by Fire Orb provides a shared hearth for friends and family to gather around.
Living in a historic Greek Revival building is but one of the perks of residing on "the Row" in Greenwich Village.
Per Bornstein’s house sits on a hill between a large forested park and Gothenburg’s former industrial area.
A supposedly impossible site was the perfect plot for Hale (pictured) and Edmonds, who were searching for some sort of...
A one-story villa in Lafayette Park.