Collection by Eujin Rhee

Parisian Concept Store: The Broken Arm


Situated on Rue Perrée in the historic district of Le Marais lies the newly opened concept store, The Broken Arm.

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After meeting in school and sharing a common love of the mergence between fashion and lifestyle, Anaïs Lafarge, Romain...
Says Belgian designer Cédric Charlier, "The Broken Arm reflects a new generation of shopkeepers being born.
The store's designer roster includes both the established and young, such as Jacquemus, Kenzo, Carven, Ostwald...
Colorful sneakers, high heels, and hats rest on wooden shelves. Photo via Petite Passport.
"We wanted to surround ourselves with people we love, who have joined the project and helped through their respective...
Just a step or two away from the shop is the small café.
This project also served as an opportunity to seek out different friends and personalities, such as Belgian florist...