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Palm Springs Modernism Week: The Cocktail Hour with Dwell


Mid-century modernism is a way of life in Palm Springs, California, and the community continually celebrates the look, feel, and style of the era. So when the Paul Kaplan Group and Dwell invited Modernism Week attendees to celebrate The Cocktail Hour last night, a crowd clad in mid-century garb showed up at The Fontenell. Completely restored to its mid-century glory, the estate was a family vacation home for the Max Factor family in the 1950s. Its courtyard and pool provide the perfect setting for a party. Cocktail in hand, party goers were treated to a fashion show hosted by Bill Miller of Palm Spring's vintage clothing destination Dejà Vu Vintage Finery. Models took to the stage dressed in cocktail attire of the '50s and elicited audible cries of dress envy. After the show, conversations centered on Modernism Week festivities: lectures attended, the upcoming 'it' parties, and which house tours are not to be missed.

Partygoers pick up a Crater Lake vodka cocktail. Photo by Lani Garfield.
Some guests posted up in the authentic mid-century living rooms of the Fontenell. Photo by Lani Garfield.
Julie Rodgers and Mitchell Cowley, the couple behind the restoration of The Fontenell. Photo by Lani Garfield.
Dwell staffers go mod for Modernism Week. Photo by Lani Garfield.
Bill Miller, center, with his mid-century models. Photo by Lani Garfield.
This gentleman sports a silk taffeta vintage reproduction of a late 50s dinner jacket made by Dejà Vu. The store is...
This green peplum number is made from silk brocade fabric, designer unknown.
This tiki inspired jacket is by Sandwich Isles, a highly collectible resort wear brand.
A courtyard like this is just begging to hold a party. Photo by Dan Chavkin.
A step into any room takes you back into time. Photo by Dan Chavkin.
The Dejà Vu store has a wealth of both men and women's vintage clothing. © 2013 Salvatorie Studios, Intl.

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