Collection by Aileen Kwun

Outdoor Showers We Love


Not for the faint of heart, these stunning outdoor showers embrace communing with nature—au naturel, and with a view.

Mimicking the cantilever of the house, an outdoor shower just off the master bedroom stretches out gently toward the...
The outdoor shower below the treehouse was shaped and formed from concrete to be a truly private experience.
The home’s exterior fittings, like the outdoor shower, offer modern comforts.
Queenstown gets cold in winter, hence the installation of a sauna.
The evening bath is a ritual in Japan, and public baths are still around, but this is a new twist.
An outdoor shower is flanked by a highly functional (and attractive) wall designed for firewood storage.
Once a classic trailer-park scheme of mint green and white, the exterior of Commune Images owner Sofie Howard’s...
Sliding glass panels in the bathroom open to put the tub in the tree canopy.