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Skargaarden Djuro Lounge Chair
Skargaarden proudly reports that they “make furniture for those precious moments; for the short Swedish summers.” With such a...
A circular tower echoes the former gas storage cylinder that once occupied its place. It houses a private study.
The house may appear conventional at a glance, but a closer look shows how Oostenbruggen has pushed the boundaries of...
Burning the top one-eighth inch of each wood board is a natural way to preserve the timber and (paradoxically) make it...
Here's a detail of the concrete wall, which features the formwork's imprints.
Board-formed concrete planters hold species fitting for the Pacific Northwest, including conifers and moss.
A spacious deck was created as part of the addition.
Here you can really see the tilt-up concrete panels that Kurath designed for the space.
Their daughters, Annapurna, left, and Siddartha, play with their dog, Anouck, beneath the kangaroo paws in the entry...
Stepstone's narrow concrete pavers add a graphic touch to the garden.
Two-year-old Annika and five-year-old Soren make music on the "nap swing," a popular hangout spot for kids and adults...
Ryan Anderson of RAD Furniture designed the stools as well as the table and benches on the pool deck.