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A stop at the outdoor shower reveals the red steel frame beneath the wooden siding.
“There is a lot of glass so you can enjoy the view and the outdoor lifestyle even inside,” Henrik explains.
Russell-Clarke tends a small garden.
A gravel path leads to a guesthouse, where Trainor supplemented an existing garden of yuccas and palm trees with...
The house was made from steel beams, cast concrete slabs, and a metal sheet roof.
The deck off the front is also minimally furnished with elegant lines of beach rock and two Leaf chairs by Arper.
A wood-lined outdoor shower adds a modern touch to one of the decks.
The rain-catchment system next to the outdoor shower collects and disposes of the first five gallons of rainwater to...
The simple, pared-down aesthetic and the open-ended time frame of the project—along with the couples’ building and...
Two-year-old Annika and five-year-old Soren make music on the "nap swing," a popular hangout spot for kids and adults...
Design details include mahogany and granite where the deck meets a stone retaining wall.
The terrace deck, also part of modern addition, adds outdoor living space to the home’s upper floor.